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SETsquared Future Economy Programme

Finance & Funding

Accelerate your growth & increase your company valuation by raising joint public & private co-investment

Are you innovating to drive towards net zero, improve health & wellbeing or develop the next generation of digital technologies?

We are excited to announce that SETsquared is one of the selected Investor Partners of Innovate UK’s £80m Future Economy Programme.

The scheme enables early-stage innovation-led businesses supported by SETsquared to raise non-dilutable grant funding, up to £900k, for R&D projects aligned to our Future Economies alongside Angel co-investment.

If selected for an invitation to apply, you will benefit from professional support from SETsquared to prepare your grant application to Innovate UK, whilst your investment opportunity is simultaneously promoted to SETsquared’s affiliated Angel networks. There are currently 12 Angel networks involved in this scheme, and this is growing rapidly. These Angel investors are specifically interested in early-stage, deep tech/science-based business investments.

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