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Libra is the growth programme for underrepresented tech founders seeking support for their scale journey.

Libra is dedicated to empowering and connecting underrepresented tech founders, equipping them with the knowledge, connections, and tools necessary to scale their tech startups.

The Libra programme serves as a springboard for founders, fostering an environment of openness and intimacy. It provides a platform for genuine conversations about the unique challenges and experiences faced by underrepresented founders, as well as the keys to success in their entrepreneurial journey.

The programme offers a range of resources, including industry expert-led workshops, tailored content, peer-to-peer support, and valuable coaching sessions. Additionally, participants gain access to funding opportunities and connections with investors and mentors.

*Underrepresented founders are members of the Global Majority but are visible ethnic minorities in the UK. This includes: Black, South Asian, East Asian, Latinx or Arab and those with mixed ethnicity.

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