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Freelance Marketing Assistant

Remote, UK

Job Type





Closed to applications

Time Commitment

8 - 10 hours/week

About the Role

Every Wednesday morning, I force myself to get under a heated blanket on my sofa to create all my content for the next week. I procrastinate and second-guess myself and I hate a lot of it. Please, please help me get out from under the blanket and allow me to spend my time doing things I actually am good at.

Job Description

Here's all the juicy info:

I'm looking for a freelancer marketer who can help me implement my marketing strategy, track data, and make recommendations for improvements. At present, my core goals are brand awareness and engagement (followers, subscribers, website visits) and my secondary goal is conversion (calls booked, clients secured, products sold).

I have LinkedIn and Instagram and have been posting regularly on both, but would now like to ramp that up whilst also freeing up my time for other work. I'd like there to be posts on LinkedIn a minimum of three times/week from both my personal profile and my company profile. For instagram, I'd like there to be posts a minimum of three times a week from my company profile and more engagement with other people's content.

At present, I write all my own content (books, blogs, and social posts) and create my own graphics in Canva. I'm do not use AI content-generation, nor am I looking to. This is super important to me - I create content that I believe to be useful to my target audience and I will always prioritise that over quantity.

I will continue to own the creation of long-form content (books, blogs, talks, podcasts) and would like help repurposing that into shorter posts and assistance creating graphics/audiograms/short videos/reels in Canva to go along with the content so that I can free up my time for my other work. The Canva part is a specific request, I don't want graphics made in photoshop etc. as I don't know how to use it and will end up in a spiral of research if I try.

I would like help analysing data in google analytics to understand what is/isn't working. I'm not looking for very complex analysis, just a very top-line understand of what my target audience are/aren't finding interesting and useful.

I would like help engaging with other people's content on Instagram and to be given recommendations about who to follow/engage with, what trends to follow/adopt.

I would like help researching topics for inclusion in weekly blogs and bi-weekly newsletters and help gathering statistics and compiling supporting data.

I organise my projects in Asana and Google Sheets and can provide access to those. I have a Buffer account and can provide access to that. I have Slack and would be happy to communicate via that also.

I have a clear brand identity, including colours, fonts, logos, and tone of voice. I have set up UTM tracking, but have not spent enough time reviewing the data in Google Analytics.

I don't mind when the work is done, as long as it's done by the deadline (which will be given well in advance and will be clear).

I'm looking for a longer-term relationship with someone that I can trust to speak on behalf of my brand.

My company is B2B services, products, and productised services, including coaching, mentoring, company operations, and advisory, so some understanding of the UK startup space and/or VC/Angel investments would be beneficial. I speak frequently about diversity and equality and so an appreciation for the importance of those subjects would be beneficial.

I am open to discussions on how many hours per week would be needed to complete this project successfully, but I believe it to be around 8 hours a week, and I am open to the project growing into other areas of my marketing strategy.

I would like to kick-off with a video call to get to know each other, but then am happy to mostly communicate asynchronously.

About Pay As You Go COO

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Whether you're a tech mastermind, a creative genius, or you're on a mission to fix the climate, whatever the industry, I've got your back. Together, we can navigate through the challenges, outsmart the competition, and turn your rough ideas into a path to success. ​

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