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How To Find Your Customers

TL:DR? This ebook helps you break down your Target Market so you can focus your time on the most important customers for your business and start securing them.


Why should I buy this book?


Simply put, a Target Market is exactly what the name suggests - it's the market, the pool of people or businesses, that you want to target, or approach, with your product or service because your research has told you there's a good chance they'll buy it. In the earliest stages of a business, it's a grouping of all those who:


1. Have the problem that you've identified

2. Would be suitable for the unique solution that you've created

3. Aren't already happy solving the problem another way (though a competitor or a substitute)


There are various ways you can start to define your Target Market.


In this guide, which is specifically tailored towards early-stage businesses, I'll walk you through how to define your Target Market based on what's known as a 'top-down method', centred around the 'characteristics' that define a potential customer.


This method is particularly useful for businesses that don't yet have customers of their own and/or are creating something entirely new, something for which there is no existing market to analyse. 


What will I get inside this book?


At the start of an entrepreneurial journey or during a pivot or new product launch, it can be hard to know exactly who to be going after as your ideal customer. Inside this book, you'll find out that it can, in fact, be quite easy. 


You'll get:


✔️ A deep-dive into the basic logic behind a 'top-down target market' - particularly useful if you're building an investment deck and what to show how exciting your market is!


✔️ A simple, clear breakdowns of key terminology. Learn all about demographics, firmographics, georgraphics, psychographics, and beahviours and how knowing where you customers sit across all those various categories is the key to an efficienct market approach.  


✔️ Detailed, step-by-step worksheets to help you actually draw a top-down target market map - this isn't just top-level advice that you'll read once and forget, these are accessible, practical tactics for every Entrepreneur or Leader. You'll use these worksheets constantly as you calculate your market and grow your business - I've even done a lot of the maths for you.


✔️ Clear, unbiased, easy-to-digest information. I'm allergic to buzzwords and I've taken the time to break down and explain some start-up terminology so that everyone's on an even level. 


I'm so excited for you to read this book and I can't wait to see what you build!

How To Find Your Customers

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