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eBooks: Decades of experience for only £4.99.

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How To Build With A Mission

TL:DR? This ebook helps you break down what you want to achieve (and what could be holding you back) so that you can easily write your Mission Statement and start building your dreams.


Why should I buy this book?


A commonly accepted definition of ‘a Mission’ is that it is an end goal, the ‘something’ at the end of the rainbow that you’re striving for, that your Mission is the ‘thing’ that you acquire after all the hard work.


I disagree.


By confining your Mission to being the reward for when your hard work is complete, you miss entirely the benefit that a Mission can give to your hard work whilst it’s happening.


A Mission, when set at the start of something, is an incredibly powerful tool for keeping yourself motivated and keeping your decisions pointing in the right direction when you’re faced with a lot of uncertainty. And there are few situations more likely to give you both a lot of decisions to make and a lot of uncertainty than building an entire business from scratch.


To help you define your business Mission so you can use it to write your Mission Statement and unlock your motivation, I’ve turned some of my decades of experience leading progress at successful high-growth companies into this simple, short ebook. You’ll learn how to use it to motivate yourself and your team, and to attract customers to your solutions.


What will I get inside this book?


Building a business from scratch is hard - it’s very, very hard. It’s hard to know where to start, it’s hard to motivate yourself, it’s hard to know what the right decisions are. Inside this book, you'll find out how your Mission is the powerful tool that can get you through those tough times. 


You'll get:


✔️ A clear understanding of why your Mission is important (spoiler alter: businesses that are built from a Mission attract more customers, keep those customers, and turn them into advocates).


✔️ Two simple frameworks, one from the world of Psychology and one from the world of Philosophy, to help you get to the heart of what you really want - why you want to build a business or grow in your career and what's holding you back.


✔️ A detailed breakdown of each of the frameworks in clear, easy-to-digest language. I'm allergic to buzzwords and I've taken the time to break down and explain all the terminology so that everyone's on an even level


✔️ Detailed, step-by-step workbooks to help you actually implement the two Frameworks - this isn't just top-level advice that you'll read once and forget, these are accessible, practical tactics for every Entrepreneur or Leader. You'll use these workbooks constantly as you write and implement your Mission Statement. 


I'm so excited for you to read this book and I can't wait to see what you build!

How To Build With A Mission

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