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How To Find Product-Market Fit

TL:DR? This ebook helps you find Product-Market Fit by breaking down the problems that your customers are facing so that you can make sure you're building solutions to those problems that will really sell.


Why should I buy this book?


If you’ve done any research at all into what it takes to build a successful business, it’s likely you’ve heard of Product-Market Fit.


It’s ubiquitous. It’s sort of like cash, in that everyone wants it, only some people seem to know how to find it, and you can never seem to have enough of it.


35% of all business failures are due to a lack of Product-Market Fit. Only lack of cash, responsible for 38% of all business failures, scuppers more businesses than Product-Market Fit failure.


To find Product-Market Fit, you have to start with the problem that you’re solving, but that isn’t the full extent of the equation.


You also have to have enough of a market to make building the product worthwhile. You might have the perfect solution for a very specific problem, but if only one person cares about the problem, you don’t have a business.


In this ebook I go into depth on a key puzzle piece for your business - the Problem Statement - and how it solve the equation of 'your problem' plus 'your solution' equalling 'Product-Market Fit'.


What will I get inside this book?


At many stages of an entrepreneurial journey, it can be hard to know what to do next to keep your customers happy and engaged. Inside this book, you'll find out that it can, in fact, be quite easy. 


You'll get:


✔️ A deep-dive into what a Problem Statement is, and what is isn‘t.


✔️ A simple introducion to a really great framework from Lean Six Sigma (called 5W2H - because it asks 5 questions that start with a ‘w‘ and 2 that start with an ‘h‘). The framework will help you write your Problem Statement so that you‘re always building towards Product Market Fit with the features you offer your customers. 


✔️ A detailed breakdown of each of the 7 stages in the framework - the 5 'w' questions and the 2 'h' questions.


✔️ Detailed, step-by-step worksheets to help you actually implement the 7 stages of the framework - this isn't just top-level advice that you'll read once and forget, these are accessible, practical tactics for every Entrepreneur or Leader. You'll use these worksheets constantly as you design your product and implement your path to Product-Market Fit.


✔️ Clear, unbiased, easy-to-digest information. I'm allergic to buzzwords and I've taken the time to break down and explain some start-up terminology so that everyone's on an even level. 


I'm so excited for you to read this book and I can't wait to see what you build!

How To Find Product-Market Fit

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