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PwC - ScaleAdTech

Finance & Funding

The programme is focused on tech or tech-enabled scale-ups that have solutions for brands, publishers, media and entertainment organisations within the UK and internationally. Having assessed over 1000 tech companies, we are excited to be working with our cohort of 8.

The programme is delivered in collaboration with GrowthBuilders over 12 weeks, and has been designed to bring together industry leaders and AdTech scale-ups to enable collaboration, co-creation and partnerships to tap into new ways of enabling profitability, growth and innovation.

During the programme the AdTech scale-ups will benefit from a world class business curriculum designed to build fast growth, long lasting businesses, covering topics such as sales and marketing, operational growth, fundraising, and leading through growth.

They also gain access to experts from across PwC’s TMT practice.

The programme culminates with two virtual, external pitch events where the 8 AdTech scale-ups present their value propositions to PwC, their large clients and wider industry leaders.

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