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SETsquared Hydrogen & Sustainable Transport

Finance & Funding

Support for start-ups and SMEs in the clean hydrogen and sustainable transport sectors

Rapid decarbonisation of all modes of transport and the development of hydrogen fuel as a clean and renewable energy source are vital to alleviating the climate crisis and achieving Net Zero.
Funded by the West of England Combined Authority in partnership with the world-leading centre of excellence IAAPs, this programme aims to accelerate innovation and commercialisation in sustainable transport and low-carbon hydrogen production in the West of England.

It covers all areas of sustainable transport, including the decarbonisation of all road, marine, rail and air vehicles and fleets, as well as the development of hydrogen as a green fuel and its storage infrastructure.

It offers a new package of innovation, investment, and growth support for start-ups and SMEs in the sector, including access to our online community via the Innovation Platform, support to raise private equity investment and grant funding alongside an academic collaborator, masterclasses and networking and one-to-one clinics with advisors and academics in the field.

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