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Solving An Unexpected Revenue Crisis

Commercial Real Estate

The Project

I started working with this semi-established challenger as Lockdown started and guided the business, via the creation and implementation of long & short term business plans, through an immediate & alarming reduction in revenue of 60% and back to a financially-sustainable platform ready for 2021 growth.

What I Did

1. Introduced a new system of internal communications to ameliorate the impact of a distanced team on company culture.

2. Realigned the business towards three key goals - proving the market need, proving the competitive advantage, and proving the internal operating structure - to prepare for a much-needed injection of cash in the next year.

3. Working closely with the CFO, restructured the Finance and Sales teams to ensure consistent key record-keeping to dramatically reduce operating costs.

4. Operationally led a £1.4m debt round to cover short-term cash flow concerns.

The Numbers


Company Stage


Duration (months)



Cost reduction

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What The Client Said

"I feel really ready for this next stage of growth."

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