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Is your business struggling to grow? Are you missing your goals? Does raising funding seem like scaling Everest?

I can help.

Join 100+ businesses that have benefited from my Strategy & Operations expertise and let me help you get more sh!t done.

Most businesses fail.
I help Founders

Milly Barker

Whether you're a tech mastermind, a creative genius, or you're on a mission to fix the climate, whatever the industry, when you're struggling to grow I have a solution for you.

No matter your background, your budget, or the size of your dreams, I can unpick the chaos and bring you efficient, focused calm. 

I can solve your biggest operational problems.

How to work with me.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Space to reflect and problem-solve.


Buy a single session to kick-start a new plan or buy a package of sessions to work on longer-term growth. 

Strategy Consultant

Fractional COO

Hands-on, tactical, practical support.

Solutions for your biggest strategic and operational problems, tailored to your project and budget needs.

But why choose me?

I understand the breadth of challenges in building a business because I'm a serial business-builder.

I can help you strategise, prioritise, and operationalise your way to efficient and effective growth for your company. 

I've both been there and done that.

I know the challenges of building a business because I've built a lot of them. 

Milly Barker


...of pounds of funding raised via my processes.


...of hours of practical experience.


...of companies supported to growth by me.

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Founder, B2B Saas

“Milly helped us to set our goals in a really clear way. The team feel so motivated and we're already seeing results."

Just getting started? Try my eBooks.

Want to learn the fundamental foundations of Startup design? My guides will teach you everything you need to know to build a successful business from scratch. 

Neutral We Design your Dreams Instagram Post (6).png

Head of Ops, Recently Funded AI Company

“We were really struggling to feel productive. Milly came in and changed our entire communications process and we’re so much more efficient and so much less stressed.”
Pay As You Go COO

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