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Business & IP Centre: Introduction to GrantFinder Webinar

Jul 3, 2024

Accelerators and programmes

An expert-led session on how to use BIPC's GrantFinder to easily search for funding for your business, charity or social enterprise.

On the 9th of July, BIPC Lewisham is presenting an introduction to one of their key tools: GrantFinder.

Get an introduction to the tool and learn how to set up searches, what you can expect to find and what to do next.

n.b. This is location-specific. You can only access GrantFinder free of charge at Catford, Deptford, and Downham Libraries. (GrantFinder may also be available at other BIPC Network locations, but this isn't confirmed.)

GrantFinder is a professional funding tool that helps to facilitate access to over 8,000 funding opportunities. Find information on over 8,000 funding schemes including grants, loans and awards from local, regional and national UK government, as well as European funding, charitable trusts and corporate sponsors.

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