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Entrepreneur First's Core Programme

Jun 7, 2024

Finance & Funding

A 24 week programme, split into two halves, to help aspiring startup founders with with two or more years of experience get launched. Applications are open now for the September 2024 cohort.

The programme has two stages: Form and Launch. Successful candidates will join a carefully curated cohort of exceptional peers in one of EF's hub cities and focus completely on founding.

The first 12 weeks are focussed on building and will give participants access to over a hundred partnerships with leading tech products and services as well as credits for OpenAI and AWS.

At the end of the first 12 weeks, participants will pitch to the EF Investment Committee for pre-seed funding and successful companies will be funded and will join the next stage of the program to prepare for seed funding. The full programme ends with networking with local and Silicon Valley investors at EF’s Demo Day.

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