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Hotbed's Land Programme

Jun 7, 2024

Accelerators & Programmes

Land is a virtual one-week sprint for pre-seed founders who are fundraising.

With a time commitment of two hours a day and an admin fee of £29.99, Land is a fundraising-readiness programme for serious founders who are ready to raise. If you haven’t raised any money but are planning to in the near future, or have just started to build a product and are trying to figure out how to sell it, this is for you.

The programme is split into 8 core parts:

-Fundraising Basics
- Startup Jargon
- Validate Your Problem & Solution
- Market Research Basics
- Mistakes To Avoid
- Speak With Confidence
- Build The Best Deck
- Finding Your First Users

The programme is running throughout June, so get applications in soon!

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