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SETsquared - ICURe

Finance & Funding

Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe) is a pre-accelerator for researchers, funded by Innovate UK. It is designed to help explore the commercial application and potential of UK research.
SETsquared is an ICURe delivery partner and runs regular cohorts of the programme.

500+ teams have taken part in ICURe.

ICURe Engage is a six-week, part-time taster programme to find potential beneficiaries of research, determine value propositions, and consider entrepreneurship as a route to getting societal impact and as a career choice.

The ICURe Engage programme will train research students and technicians (from all disciplines) and provide them with the space and opportunity to empower pioneers to explore entrepreneurship as a viable and exciting career choice and accelerate the growth of their start-ups.

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