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SETsquared Green Futures & Creative Tech

Finance & Funding

Investment & innovation support for creative and green tech businesses in the South West

The South West of England is widely recognised as one of the most innovative regions in the UK, with a vibrant and established sustainable tech cluster at its heart.
From sustainable packaging and clean fuel to AgriTech and re-commerse platforms that stimulate the circular economy, the region is a hotbed for green tech talent.

This new Green Futures Programme is supported by the Barclays Eagle Labs Ecosystem Partnership Programme, funded by UK Government. It’s designed to support sustainable tech businesses to develop scalable and ambitious business models and successfully bid for funding for collaborative research and development with academic partners.

Given the essential role that innovation will play in achieving Net Zero, this programme aims to support the growth and resilience of the sector and nurture the next generation of start-ups creating the green technologies of the future.

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