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TechNation - Climate

Finance & Funding

The growth programme for climate tech startups committed to reducing global emissions, eliminating the world’s waste and restoring nature.

We offer world-class advisory support that is curated by successful entrepreneurs, giving our startups direct access to invaluable expertise and knowledge. In addition, we provide our founders with direct connections to investors, multinationals, academics, and policy makers – ensuring they have every opportunity to secure the funding and partnerships they need to succeed.

We are committed to empowering our startups to scale up their emissions-reducing technologies, foster investment, drive the adoption of climate solutions, and shape the future of climate-friendly policies.

The programme has previously supported over 100 climate tech startups over 3 years. Companies who have been part of the programme have scaled 3 times as fast as the industry average and 5 startups have since exited. Now, we are providing more support than ever to futureproof the growth of climate tech.

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