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Bringing Clarity To A Vision

Consultancy & Investment

The Project

A successful Exec Consultancy, established a number of years ago, that operates across the UK and Europe, wanted to start to pivot the business towards a strategic focus in order to streamline day-to-day operations whilst simultaneously articulating a differentiated and defensible 5 year plan.

What I Did

1. Provided investment advice and topline analyses of potential portfolio companies to the venture development arm.

2. Automated core processes to reduce operating costs by 10%

3. Translated a subjective longer-term goal into a full five year strategy plan, broken by department and focus area, with annual themes and quarterly mission statements to lead the businesses to an objective quantification of their success.

4. Transformed the day-to-day operations to link each action to its core objective and provide context to strategic imperatives.

5. Introduced project management processes and skills to the wider business to embed prioritisation techniques and mitigate increasing workload levels.

The Numbers


Company Stage


Duration (months)



Cost reduction

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What The Client Said

"I can really rely on you."

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