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Building A New Marketplace


The Project

I stepped in as COO and interim CEO when the VC-funded pre-seed startup's Founder needed to take maternity leave from the business. With total day-to-day ownership, I nurtured a nascent market at the intersection of interior design and eCommerce.

What I Did

1. Systematically improved product/market fit, taking the business from 0 customers to an average MoM acquisition rate increase of +35%.

2. Coached the CX team to remove conversion blockers, delivering a conversion rate to additional revenue streams of +39% from a goal of 20%.

3. Re-negotiated contracts with suppliers improving gross margins by 30% in my first week.

4. Augmented growth marketing strategies, taking traffic to a peak 97% MoM growth with an average MoM marketing spend increase of just 2% and a peak decrease in CPAs as a percentage of revenue/customer of 84%.

The Numbers


Company Stage


Duration (months)



Cost reduction

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What The Client Said

"I couldn't run this business without you."

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