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Projecting Supply And Demand Years Into The Future

B2C Travel

The Project

Ownership of the 20 person Product Department comprising the New Product Innovation & Development, Supply Chain Management, Insights & Customer Strategy, Data Science, & BI functions.

What I Did

1. Led a comprehensive re-pricing investigation across 70 products and 8 currencies, identifying adjustments worth +30% on ATV.

2. Built a new framework for product innovation simultaneously ensuring the future product/market fit and expanding the geographical footprint of the portfolio by +10%.

3. Devised a new approach to selling strategy improving the fill of trips to maintain a >30% GPM on a portfolio that grew in value by +80%.

4. Spearheaded the use of data science to build a predictive model of supply and demand reducing overstock by 300% by extrapolating customer interest from booking behaviours offset against seasonality and macro-level cultural events.

The Numbers


Company Stage


Duration (months)



Cost reduction

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What The Client Said

"You're honestly one of the best leaders I've ever met."

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